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Engaging Mobile Content with Measurable Results

Mobile2Metrics (M2M) provides an innovative new way for companies to interact with customers through mobile devices in a way that is simple, efficient, and measurable. Direct and engaging, M2M reaches consumers in a personal format using relevant messaging at just the right time. Some of the benefits of using M2M include:


Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

M2M provides managed mobile media cloud-based services to our clients. As a result, there's no software you ever have to install. Our SaaS mobile service enables online advertisers and enterprises to extend their reach out to mobile devices as a channel for marketing and advertising content, whether that content is promotional, informational, event-driven, or more.


Mobile2U™ is M2M’s mobile delivery solution that enables Clients to reach and engage through interactive mobile content from any media, creating a personal connection and engagement with customers, enhancing loyalty and driving sales revenue. Mobile2U modules include:


We Zapped the App!

Clients do not need to develop an application, or "APP", to be able to provide rich media content to any mobile device. There's also no application required by M2M clients or consumers who chose to engage with the brands through their mobile devices.

Seamless Integration

It’s easy to get started with M2M’s services, no CAPEX required. Our cloud based solution can deliver client advertising & promotions to mobile and tablet devices from all forms of media.

Stay In the Know With Mobile2Metrics

Our unique In The Know™ (ITK™) program enables you to provide customers with new offers immediately and to interact with groups of customers having similar interests. Ideal for creating viral spread of your marketing messages, ITK ties into social networks to engage your audience in a fun and compelling way.

Imagine reaching Millennials through Facebook or Twitter, having your promotional offer catch fire as it is quickly spread from one person to the next. From mobile device to mobile device, and with character and impact added along the way, your message will reach exponential scale in just a matter of minutes.

Pay for Performance

Based on transactional pricing, clients pay M2M when their customers consume mobile content, view ads and promotions, and when they use discounted promotions at Point of Sale.


EZUniverse, Inc. - headquartered in Mahwah NJ - is an international technology incubator. Our mission is to design software that solves important challenges in today’s business environment. Our innovative solutions provide a comprehensive management tools designed to deliver business intelligence and performance monitoring. Utilizing the company’s proprietary “Rapid Development Platform” our product and services are deployed in several highly targeted markets, including:

EZUniverse products provide these markets with one platform that serves multiple business operational needs and applications - cutting costs and improving customer service.